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Michael Kors Bags Outlet USA

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Earnings and revenue Michael Kors Holdings Ltd in the fourth quarter showed double-digit growth - which rose as high as 59.2% net revenue for the $ 160 million, or 78 cents per diluted share. Data were recorded last year for $ 101.1 million, and diluted earnings per share of 50 cents. michael kors bags outlet The total revenue rising 53.6 percent brand, reaching $ 917 million, over the same period last year, data recorded $ 597 million. Same-store sales growth of 26.2%, earnings per share growth of 63.5%.

Brands Chairman and CEO John D. Idol expressed satisfaction with the results of 2014 fiscal year. He believes that the growing international reputation of the brand for the company to michael kors outlet florida bring a strong demand to buy. He believes that a good performance in the last quarter of fiscal year 2014 will herald fiscal year 2015 there will be rapid development.

Michael Kors as an American brand, into the European market after the performance favorably, as previously analyzed LADYMAX Fashion Network: Michael Kors luxury brand in Europe's backyard lit a fire - now more and more European tide Europe no longer in michael kors outlet houston love with local brands such as LV and Gucci, they gradually began to switch to the embrace of the American designer, Michael Kors is one of a very high popularity.

According to CEO John Idol brand introduction, Michael Kors stores in Europe opening for always highly anticipated, commodities are also very popular. Designers accurate grasp the trend has been highly sensitive to European consumers sought after fashion, the relatively low price has also become an michael kors outlet ohio important factor in attracting European consumers. Listed since 2011, the brand has brought an increase of nearly five times as Michael Kors shares in the growing European market.

Michael Kors are constantly coming in the shop nearby rival brands; Paris brand advertising can be said is overwhelming: the subway, bus stops and roadside everywhere.

In contrast, its main competitor Coach: As of the end of March this year, sales revenue and Coach Inc.'s fiscal third-quarter slump. Brand $ 239 million net profit last year fell 20 percent score, only $ 191 million; net sales fell to $ 1.19 billion from $ 1.1 billion, a decline of 7.6%. Coach CEO Victor Luis analysis, which was mainly due to weak performance in North America due to Ms. handbag. While the men's bags and michael kors outlet usa accessories performed well, Asian and European markets also gives a lot of money in the results, but still to no avail.

So it seems, Michael Kors market share can be described as expanding it to the European luxury brands backyard lit fires have burned more prosperous the more momentum.