Adult Party Packages

Are you planning a birthday celebration? Look no further than Wilsonville Lanes! Whether your planning your own birthday celebration, or planning a big surprise, give us a call!

Wilsonville Lanes can help you take care of all the planning. Plus you’ll have access to our “Special Birthday Party Bowling Games”. These games have been designed for groups looking to have a great time even if you don’t have a lot of bowlers. As long as you can have FUN, these games are for you!

Wilsonville Lanes can also help provide you with a great theme party. Groups have done a Bowling For Beads game and turned it into Mardi Gras. Others have used Leis and had a Hawaiian Theme. Or how about a “Bowling Bingo” game? Don’t worry we’ll help you plan the entire event.

Wilsonville Lanes can provide the perfect party for adults only, but we can also provide a great party that your friends and family would love to bring their kids to as well. You will see PLENTY OF SMILES and it’s hard to miss the SOUNDS OF LAUGHTER above the balls rolling and pins crashing.


The only outside food allowed in the center is the BIRTHDAY CAKE and ICE CREAM. Any other food and drink items must be purchased from our restaurant. We have a full service restaurant that serves a wide variety from Breakfast to Dinner & Pizza.

Give us a call to start planning your event now!

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"Tips for Enjoying a Great Bowling Outing with Your Grandparents

Even though scientists discovered traces of bowling-like artifacts that dated back to 3200 BC, bowling alleys have been widely popular since the 1930's. While you probably enjoy hitting up the lanes, chances are that your grandparents will hold even fonder memories of bowling allies from their youth. From being a great way to engage in low-impact exercise activity to providing the perfect setting to leisurely talk and enjoy family time, bowling with your grandparents is a great way to connect with them and make them feel special.

Host a Bowling Party

There’s no better way to encourage your grandparents to get out and have a little fun than by celebrating them and everything they do for you. Hosting a party at a bowling alley is a great birthday idea for a senior, and it’s one that’s sure to be a hit. Since everything is basically set up for you at the party location (even the catering!), all you have to worry about is picking a great theme. Make it special by hosting a Hollywood red carpet event and inviting them to bowl in their fancy attire. Hand out "Oscars" awards at the end of the night for Best Bowler or Most Spirited Player. The options are endless, as is the fun.

Make the Space Comfortable

While most bowling alleys like Wilsonville Lanes offer services such as catering and more, you’ll want to ensure that the space is comfortable enough for the accessibility needs of your grandparents. This includes things such as bringing their favorite blanket along in order to be ultra cozy when it’s not their turn, or even getting them their own shoes beforehand that will provide them with the ultimate support needed to really bowl a great game. If you want to and the option is available, speak with the bowling alley beforehand to request that they play your grandparents’ favorite songs to make the experience even more memorable.

Celebrating Someone Special

Bowling is a fun family event that can be enjoyed at any age. Ensuring that your outing to the bowling alley with your grandparents is special really doesn’t take that much work, and it’s a gesture that will go a long way in terms of happiness. Show your grandparents how much you care about them by planning a party at a bowling alley or simply taking them to the lanes to enjoy a leisurely game with you and all of their loved ones".

-Katyln Williams

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