Why you should gamble responsibly


Aggressive advertisement in the gambling highly influences the behavior of gamblers, and so is the influence of friends. Gambling has two sides, the advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it can help one earn a steady income and provide entertainment. On the other hand, one can lose a big amount of money. This article guides you on why you should gamble responsibly.

Why you should gamble responsibly

Gambling responsibly protects you from losing what you cannot afford to get back. For example, in the eyes of the public, Michael Jordan is a celebrity and rich. That status notwithstanding, he struggled with gambling and this almost crippled him financially. It could be that gambling issues forced Michael Jordan into retirement.

The following are the main signs and symptoms of gambling addiction:

-Gambling in secret (and not disclosing critical information to friends and relatives)

-Trouble in controlling oneself in gambling

-Gambling with money that one cannot afford

-Friends and family are concerned about your gambling

If you gamble responsibly, you are not going to go into debt. A lot of gamblers borrow money in order to go and bet. When they lose, they are not able to return the money. The problem is that as a gambler loses more money, he tends to borrow more in order to re-coup the losses. In the end, one faces the harsh reality of a massive debt.

Compulsive gambling could, as a matter of fact, become a mental health and addiction issue. This is because gambling behavior can become a cycle where one gambles more, but loses more. There are some individuals who make risky bets in order to experience an emotional high. Rehabilitation centers are saturated with cases of gambling addiction.

When you do not gamble responsibly, you eat up time which could be used in other leisure activities. For example, you do not have time to bond with your friends. Some leisure activities, bicycle riding for instance, require time in order to be better. Gambling irresponsibly will rob you of precious time which could be used in other activities.


The government has made deliberate efforts to discourage gambling. This is done through such measures as high taxation. However, the buck stops with you. You are responsible for your own decisions and actions regarding gambling. From now on, make a conscious effort to gamble responsibly and you will be surprised at the accrued rewards.